Growing After Motherhood

After being a stay at home mom for eighteen years, I was faced with the fact that my kids were growing up and I had the rest of my life yawning before me and nothing with which to fill it. I had tinkered with some HTML on my laptop at home when their was something I wanted to do online. I had read dozens of online articles about coding in my research. It was something that was simple for me to understand and I enjoyed being able to refresh a page and get that instant gratification when my code worked. It was something I looked at as just being a fun little hobby. I thought if I could do it, surely it was easy and anyone can learn. I found out that was not true.

Everyone has that person in their family. The person that’s called when the laptop is acting funny, or the tablet isn’t booting up. In my family I am that person. It didn’t occur to me to make a career out of it. I had naively thought that my kids were going to be my career, but they were moving on, so what was I to do now?

Like always, I turned to Google search to see what careers might be available for my limited skill set. Sure I knew how to work on a computer, but didn’t everyone nowadays? I quickly found that being able to work on a computer was just the tip of the iceberg for what careers were possible for me. But, it didn’t help that I had dabbled, I needed education.

So, after two years and a degree later, I found myself in a temp job with An Ion Design inputting data for a client that had purchased a database system. I had to go to the client’s business each day. After a while they began coming to me to figure out how to not only use the new database, but how to use features on their phones and tablets. Then they started bringing me their gadgets that had quit working correctly. Of course Jay noticed my knack with gadgets and that I wasn’t afraid to research software problems and figure them out. So, he offered me a full time job doing something I loved: coding sites.

Even though it has been over two years that I’ve been with an Ion Design, I still feel as though my journey has just begun. I still learn something new every day. And I’m still loving that instant gratification when I click the refresh button. I have found that there is worth in my work and that my knowledge is unique because not just anybody can do the work. You have to have a love for it, a passion…..or you could just enjoy the instant gratification.

Christina Woody
Developer/Personal Assistant

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